Bedford Texas Freeway Construction Driving Hazards

Dallas employment attorney for discrimination, FMLA, overtimeI have spent most of my life living the mid-cities area. My office is in Bedford, just blocks away from the 121 and 183 construction. I grew up in Hurst. I’ve lived in Euless, Arlington, Grapevine and Keller. The highways running through the area west of the DFW Airport have always been congested. That is the most true of 183 and the north side of the 820 loop. Current construction on these mid-cities highways (and every highway in Tarrant County) began in 2010. They plan to be complete around 2015, along with the DFW Connector in Grapevine, Southlake and Irving. I-35W north of 820 and the work performed parallel to I-35W in Fort Worth.

Hopefully these projects will provide some relief to the traffic issues in the HEB area and the northern Fort Worth suburbs (which are often lumped in with the “mid-cities” but don’t seem to be “mid” anything). However, it seems like all of these freeways underwent construction about fifteen years ago in the same places and by the time the work was done the volume of traffic had already exceeded the expanded capacity. (Which brings up the question: why not enlarge freeways based on projections of future traffic rather than existing traffic needs?)  In Bedford, the current construction is having an impact on the restaurant corridor near 183 and Central Drive and creating substantial confusion and traffic both on the freeway and major roads that absorb overflow from the freeway.

Hurst, Bedford, Euless in Texas

The temporary lanes on 183 through Hurst, Bedford and Euless are not easy to drive. The winding temporary lanes result in a lot of braking and irregular driving. Which causes more irregular driving, which causes more traffic and results in substantially dangerous driving conditions. It is no surprise that 183 has an increased frequency of car accidents, especially around Precinct Line in Hurst and Central Drive in Bedford. When driving through these areas, drivers should exercise heightened caution to avoid car wrecks. Texting and phone calls are significant distractions and increase the probability of car wrecks. Consider alternate routes. It’s going to be a long road before these freeways become safe to drive.

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