Big Brother Proves Racial Discrimination Still Alive

Dallas employment attorney for discrimination, FMLA, overtimeThis season of Big Brother has been marred by racism by some of the white contestants against black contestants. The klan contestants recently ejected Howard, one of the black contestants. In an interview with CBS’s Julie Chen, Howard expressed his decision not to respond to the racial discrimination he suffered by “taking the high road” and that he was fearful that people would see his temper. Although he did not describe it this way, it was pretty clear that what he meant was that he didn’t want to speak out against the racism and go from being a sympathetic victim of racism to an angry black man upon returning to his life.

Racial discrimination in Texas

The “angry black man” stereotype could have had lasting negative effects on his friendships and employment. There is a substantial problem in our culture that we describe racists as “exercising their free speech” but victims of racism who speak out against racism as “out of control”, “angry”, “making things difficult” and so on. It’s hard to blame victims of racial discrimination who choose to keep jobs and avoid social stigma; but it’s not at all difficult to understand why they shouldn’t have to. Instead, those of us watching on the sidelines should have the courage to speak up. CBS should stop what is going on with Big Brother this season, rather than profiting from the increased viewership.

Texas employment attorney for racial discrimination

You don’t need to see a workplace covered in cameras to find racism in the workplace. Statistical evidence from the EEOC shows we still have widespread racial discrimination in the workplace. It’s extremely common to see the proponents of racial discrimination trying to cast themselves as the innocent victims of angry [race] men or women. It’s a nice story if you’re a terrible person but not such a nice story if you have a conscience.

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