Can I sue the police in Texas?

Fort Worth Employment Attorney EEOC LawyersYou can sue; the bigger question is whether you could prevail at trial. In Texas, police departments and their officers typically win lawsuits. These generally include false arrest, malicious prosecution, assault, battery, excessive force and various other civil rights claims. The most common reason people want to sue the policy in Texas is for false arrest, excessive force and malicious prosecution. While there are some very legitimate claims for all of these, the grounds for a valid claim are narrow. Prevailing on these claims generally requires proving the police had no justification for their actions. That does not mean if the police arrested you and they were wrong that you should sue. There must be more to it.

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Lawsuits against the police or other government entity are both legally and factually complex. The likelihood of success can change radically based on as little as a single small fact. They are rarely successful because police departments, officers and municipalities have a wide range of immunities they can assert that prevent any recovery. Additionally, the law also provides the police considerable leeway in executing their duties. If you can prove the defendants are not immune and were liable under the law, you still must prove the acts of the police caused an injury recognized for recovery.

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