Employment Discrimination slide show presentation

This is a brief power point presentation about employment discrimination under Texas and federal law. The information in the power point presentation is a very high level overview. Employment discrimination is a complex area of law. There are many sub-rules and exceptions to rules that do not appear. You can obtain more information about each area of employment discrimination discussed on my website. At some point in the near future, when I am not busily working for my clients, I intend on recording a narrated video version of the presentation and putting that either directly on this website or shoving it on one of the video sites online. Probably not Vine because employment discrimination in fifteen second increments would be very hard to follow.

The presentation is the intellectual property of The Kielich Law Firm. You are welcome to use the presentation for your own information; but you may not reprint, republish, or reproduce the presentation in whole or in part without my permission.

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