The Kielich Law Firm Podcast Episode #4: Background checks, Expunctions and Nondisclosure Orders in Texas

Today’s post contains episode four of my legal podcast. This episode deals with the issues of employment background checks and how expunctions and nondisclosure orders can scrub out certain criminal records from those background checks. The majority of employers conduct background checks and certain occupations and professional licenses require background checks. In today’s job market employers know any job opening will bring a huge number of job applicants and any legal reason to pass on an applicant will usually result in putting an application in the trash. Not all criminal records can be sealed or destroyed. If the opportunity is there to remove criminal records from an employment background check it is usually a good idea to take it.

The Kielich Law Firm Podcast Episode 4: Background checks, expungements and nondisclosure orders

Learn more about these opportunities by listening to the podcast below. Check out more information from the blog links below.

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