The Kielich Law Firm Podcast for Texas law and lawyers

In addition to my frequent law blog postings about employment law, family law and wrongful termination litigation on this site I decided to branch out with my free legal content into the world of podcasting. I am not convinced the podcast is a better delivery method for legal analysis and discussion; but for now it’s something that I plan on exploring and see where it takes me. My intention is to use the podcast to discuss the same legal topics but in a more fluid way.

Some people are not great visual learners so for those auditory learners out there it’s a nice way to get a better understanding of how Texas law operates in the legal areas in which I work. If this seems to build traction then I’ll look at further expanding the scope of the podcast. Possibly also bring in guests, whether they are other attorneys or experts in other fields.

Employment law, uncontested divorce, QDRO, wrongful termination, employment discrimination in Fort Worth and Dallas

Embedded in this post is the first episode. It’s short and there’s no legal content. I used it as a test platform for my audio setup and mastering. I know the audio quality is pretty bad. If I decide I want to do this on a long term basis I will look at either upgrading my equipment or logging some time in a vocal recording studio. Anyway, here’s the podcast episode #1.

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