Sex discrimination victims not always women

Last month the EEOC settled a sex discrimination lawsuit against restaurant chain Ruby Tuesday. The EEOC settled in the amount of $100,000. The suit alleged the employer discriminated against male employees by offering female employees more favorable employment opportunities. This case is a good example of gender discrimination against men. It breaks the stereotype that sex discrimination lawsuits always have female victims.

Sex discrimination lawsuits and male victims

In this lawsuit, the restaurant chain sent out a nine-state announcement of available temporary summer positions in the resort town of Park City, Utah which would have greater earnings and company-paid housing. The announcement declared the company was only looking for female employees supposedly to avoid having to house both genders together. Two servers filed a charge of discrimination asserting the chain discriminated by offering female employees a position with greater compensation. Under the settlement terms, the restaurant chain will pay the two employees $100,000 and agree to an anti-discrimination training program.

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (and the Texas Labor Code) prohibits employers from offering more advantageous terms and conditions of employment to one group over another on the basis of gender. If you believe you have been treated less favorably in the workplace due to your sex or gender then you should contact sexual discrimination lawyers in your area right away.

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