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    The Kielich Law Firm represents clients in the Dallas Fort Worth area in employment, personal injury and family law issues. Contact my office today to learn more about how I can protect your rights and demand justice.

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Protect your rights at work

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I am your Dallas and Fort Worth Lawyer for your Employment Law, Family Law and Personal Injury needs

Adam Kielich, principal attorney at The Kielich Law Firm, represents clients in the Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington and Denton areas with their employment, family and personal injury legal issues. I deliver clients value by providing meaningful advice and advocating for client rights in Texas courts with reasonable fees. I accomplish this goal by leveraging my experience both inside and outside the legal arena to develop strategic solutions and persuade judges and juries in Dallas and Fort Worth to give my clients the justice they deserve. You can learn more about me by visiting the "About Me" page by clicking here. Let's talk about you and your needs.

My clients come from a diverse background across Dallas, Fort Worth and the entire North Texas area. They are hard working employees, parents, spouses, teachers, police officers, city employees, and the other people in your community. My clients are people like you. People who are trying to do the things you're supposed to in life but somebody has tried to take advantage of you. You want to stand up for yourself. You're a brave person. Not everybody has the courage and commitment to stand up for their rights. All you need is an advocate to guide you through the courts and stand up with you to obtain justice. My focus on employment law, family law and personal injury law allows me to focus on the legal problems people like you experience. Problems at work. Problems at home. Problems in public places. Let me help you solve those problems.

Employment Lawyer

I help clients like you defend their rights against employers that violate your rights and try to shortchange you. I protect clients from employer discrimination, FMLA violations, abuse of retirement plans and other benefits, workplace harassment, unpaid wages and unpaid overtime. I also help counsel employees on employment issues, such as non-compete agreements, requesting FMLA leave and reasonable accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Employers and managers are not always bad but when they act unlawfully you have the right to stand up for yourself and demand fair treatment. Texas and federal law protects your right to be paid fairly for your work and work free from unlawful forms of discrimination. A wrongful termination that have a tremendous impact on your earning potential for years to come. You have a right to be made whole for that impact. Learn more about how I help clients with their employment law needs by clicking here.

Family Lawyer

I help clients like you defend their rights in family law situations, such as contested and uncontested divorce, modification suits, child support enforcement, prenuptial agreements, paternity suits and other marriage-related and child-related legal problems. Family law situations are emotional, complex and require a strategic approach. My approach is to look for a strategic agreement that resolves the issues fairly and accomplishes my client's objectives. An agreed result is often the best chance for the parties involved to move forward in the family situation after the judge has signed the order and the family law attorneys are out of the picture. However, every case is different and sometimes an agreement is not in my client's best interests. In those cases, I do not hesitate to take cases into trial and use the same litigation skills I use on large employers and insurance companies to aggressively defend your rights in family court. Learn more about how I help clients with their family law needs by clicking here.

Personal Injury Lawyer

I also help clients defend their rights in personal injury cases, including car accidents, truck accidents, slip and fall type injuries in stores and other public places, diminished value claims and other bodily-injury related claims. These claims are typically paid through insurance companies who have an interest in paying you as little as possible. The insurance companies are beholden to their shareholders and management. They are not on your side. Even the most fair-minded claims adjuster operates within the insurance company's system, which is designed for your benefit. I help clients determine the fair value of their claims and fight to recover fair value from the insurance company and responsible party. Claims cannot always be negotiated and must be taken to trial. I do not believe clients are best served by a "take the last best offer before litigation" approach that might get clients a fast settlement but may grossly undervalue the injury claim. Learn more about how I help clients with their personal injury claims by clicking here.

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People call me the Bedford employment lawyer, Bedford personal injury lawyer, Bedford divorce lawyer, Bedford diminished value lawyer and sometimes people call me the space cowboy.