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Car Accidents & Other Vehicle Accidents in Dallas and Fort Worth

Car accidents can cause significant and life altering injuries to you and your passengers in addition to the physical damage to your car. Accident claims are often first negotiated with insurance companies who want to pay as little as possible on any claim. An experienced car accident lawyer has the knowledge and skill to properly evaluate all aspects of your claim and set out a path for recovery on your claim. This may result in negotiated settlement with the insurance company or may require filing suit and going to trial. Car accidents may be between two passenger cars, commercial vehicles, motorcycles and other street vehicles.

Deceptive Trade Practices, DTPA and Consumer Law Claims in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas

When you do business with a company you expect that you will be treated fairly and that the products or services you paid for are what they say they are.

When companies take advantage of you as a consumer by fraudulent or deceptive business practices the law in Texas says you have a right to be made whole for those bad acts.

You are entitled to receive what you bought and to be compensated for your losses due to the fraudulent or deceptive business practices.

Premises Liability

If you are injured in a store or other public place where the property owner has failed to take reasonable care of the property then you may have a claim against the property owner to recover for your medical injuries and related financial losses.

These injuries, sometimes known as a slip and fall injury, can result in serious and permanent injuries. I represent people injured by careless retail stores and other public places.

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