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Whether you are searching for an attorney in Texas or trying to figure out if you need to hire an attorney it can be tough to find helpful information that helps you understand your rights and when it’s time to hire an attorney. This is real legal content written by a Texas attorney. Learn more about your legal rights on Texas Law Guide.

About Texas Law Guide

Texas Law Guide is the revised online page for The Kielich Law Firm, a law firm located in Bedford, Texas that represented clients in personal injury, employment law and family law cases. After closing down the firm, managing attorney Adam Kielich moved to Colorado. Rather than give up the legal information housed on the law firm website, he turned the website into a free legal resource for Texas law to continue to help people understand their legal rights and find lawyers to pursue their cases. All of the content on the website is written a licensed attorney for Texans. 

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Areas of Law

Personal injury law includes negligence, intentional acts and statutory claims occurring due to the bad acts of another person, business, government agency, or other entity in Texas. This commonly includes car accidents and other vehicle accidents. It also includes medical malpractice, slip and fall injuries, dog bites and other bodily injury claims. 

Labor law and employment law protect your rights in the workplace. Although Texas is an at-will state, you still have limited rights at work. These include rights to organize with coworkers, to work free from illegal employment discrimination, to receive compensation for your work, FMLA leave and other select rights.

Texas Family Law addresses the legal relationships between spouses along with parents and their children. Family law governs how these relationships end or come under government control, such as divorces, child custody cases, child support enforcements and paternity suits.

Texas has a large population of qualified attorneys who can help you with almost any legal question or case you may have. The internet is a great resource to find attorneys, but you can also use personal references, bar referrals, legal directories and other repositories of attorneys in Texas. Texas Law Guide is not a law firm accepting clients or a non-profit organization.

What is Texas Law Guide?

In 2013, I opened The Kielich Law Firm in Bedford, Texas to help clients in the Dallas-Fort Worth area with employment law, family law and personal injury claims. As part of advertising my law firm, I spent considerable time writing content for this website explaining legal issues under federal and Texas law. In 2018, my wife and I moved to Colorado and I closed the doors on this law firm. At the time, I had thousands of website visitors to this site every day. I didn’t want to shut down the website if that many people were still coming here looking for help with a legal issue or trying to decide if they needed to hire a Texas attorney. I decided to keep all this free legal advice and analysis online to continue to help people. This is 100% content written by an attorney–no AI generated content.

After moving to Colorado, I began writing a new website discussing Colorado employment law issues and how to find a Denver employment lawyer. You can find that site at denverlaborlaw.com. I am returning to law firm management after stints at two personal injury law firms in Colorado. You can find me at my new Colorado law firm, Front Range Injury Attorneys

Please be aware that this website is not regularly updated or revised and content on this site may become outdated or irrelevant as laws change. Over the past two years I revised the format and added some content, but my time will primarily focus on Front Range Injury Attorneys. Please also be aware that this website is for informational purposes and not a substitute for hiring a Texas attorney to provide legal advice and assist you with your case. 

Do I need to hire a Texas lawyer for my case?

Under Texas law, you have the right to represent yourself in any legal matter. You do not have to hire a lawyer to give you legal advice, draft documents, or represent you in a hearing or trial. You can represent yourself in any family law, employment law, personal injury, or other case. 

Whether it makes sense for you to proceed on your own or to hire a lawyer is a question you should take seriously. Most legal matters involve serious issues or significant money. That is usually not the best time to try to learn judicial procedure and substantive law. In most cases an opposing party will hire a lawyer, so you will contend with an experienced and knowledgeable opponent. Although lawyers are certainly not cheap to hire, the cost of trying to learn to be your own lawyer may exceed the cost of hiring an experienced lawyer to advocate for you.

What is employment law and why might I need an employment lawyer?

Employment law, or labor and employment law, deals with the legal issues in the employment relationship. Although Texas is an at-will employment state and employers can do almost anything they want, there are limitations. When employers exceed those limitations, they may violate your rights. Employment lawyers help clients pursue claims when employers violate their rights. Employment lawyers help clients protect themselves from illegal forms of employment discrimination, fight to recover stolen wages and other compensation, assert FMLA and labor law rights, challenge a wrongful termination and other protected workplace rights. Employment law claims can result in litigation, administrative hearings and other procedures to protect your rights at work. Learn more about how a Texas employment lawyer can help you protect yourself at work.

What is family law and what can a family law attorney do for me?

Texas family law governs the legal relationships between family members, such as marriages and parent-child relationships. Outside of getting married, most Texans interact with family law issues when there is a problem in the family relationship. That may be a marriage coming to an end in a divorce, a paternity suit, or a child custody case. Most family law cases end up in court where a judge, or sometimes a jury, will have to decide the legal family relationships at the end of the case. Family law cases are often emotionally challenging for everybody involved and may bring up years or even decades of unresolved emotional conflict.

A family law attorney can help guide you through this emotionally challenging process with legal expertise. Family law cases are lawsuits just like a car accident lawsuit or wrongful termination lawsuit, so you need somebody on your side who understands how to skillfully apply the law and navigate the judicial process. Having an attorney on your side gives you an objective voice to help you understand the legal issues and fight to protect your family relationships. Often people who try to juggle their own case without a family law attorney find themselves overwhelmed, beat down and willing to jeopardize the future to make the frustration end. Learn more about what a family law attorney can do for your case.

What is a personal injury case and do I need a personal injury lawyer?

Personal injury involves a wide range of legal cases and insurance claims that involve physical injuries, property and financial harm and other harm to you personally. Most people think of a personal injury case like a car accident, but it also includes other cases like product liability, slip and fall injuries, dog bites, sexual assault, workplace injuries, and other collisions on the road. 

Most people are familiar with personal injury lawyers due to aggressive advertising on TV, radio, billboards and everywhere online. Personal injury attorneys help people pursue claims and seek recovery for these injuries. Many personal injury cases involve insurance claims but may result in a lawsuit to get fair compensation. Many personal injury lawyers in Texas offer free consultations, so if you think you have a case, you can probably find a law firm to review your case at no cost. Learn more about Texas personal injury law and what a personal injury lawyer can do for your case.

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