Cheap uncontested divorce lawyers in Texas — Flat fee uncontested divorce in Texas

Many people search for cheap uncontested divorce lawyers in Texas because the spouses have an agreement on a simple divorce and need low cost help getting through the Texas family courts. In agreed divorces with simple property and custody issues it makes sense to look for cheap uncontested divorce. It isn’t necessary to spend thousands of dollars on divorce lawyers if the parties already have a reasonable agreement. You definitely want the uncontested divorce to go smoothly and hiring a divorce attorney can help get that done. Most people seeking cheap uncontested divorce lawyers in Texas look for the best price and convenience.

Understanding legal fees for cheap uncontested divorce lawyers in Texas

Most divorce attorneys in Texas that offer uncontested divorce services charge on a flat fee basis. This is a good thing for most people. You can better predict your legal fees under a flat pricing model. It also makes it easy to compare prices and find out who is really a cheap uncontested divorce lawyer in Dallas.

When comparing low cost divorce lawyers for uncontested divorce you need to look at what the law firm includes. Some Dallas and Fort Worth divorce attorneys include all services in the flat fee. Other attorneys charge a low fee for basic document preparation. Then they charge additional fees for phone calls, revisions, court appearances, etc. This can easily turn a cheap divorce into a less cheap divorce. With broken out fees it is possible that you could get the best deal.

On the other hand it may be important to ask questions without worrying that each call or email adds to your bill. This is why I charge a single flat fee for uncontested divorces. I think it is important for clients to feel comfortable discussing their divorce and working with me to get the job done.

Now that you understand how cheap uncontested divorce lawyers in Texas price services, consider whether you should hire an attorney for your divorce.

Why look for cheap uncontested divorce lawyers in Texas?

There are three good reasons to hire a low cost divorce lawyer for uncontested divorces in Dallas or Fort Worth. First, the divorce attorney will draft the pleadings, divorce decree and other necessary documents. While some people turn to generic divorce forms online, you should wonder whether those forms actually apply and whether they best describe your agreement. A divorce attorney knows the right language to use in your documents. Take the guesswork out of your divorce.

Second, the divorce attorney will navigate the family courts for you. The civil court process in Texas is not designed to be easy for DIY parties or family law in general. You can easily get lost between filing for a divorce and the judge granting your divorce. The judge and court staff cannot offer legal advice. Hiring a low cost uncontested divorce lawyer can make that process easy. Your attorney will handle the court process for you.

Third, divorce lawyers can finish your divorce in Dallas or Tarrant County faster than you can on your own. With growing numbers of pro se divorces in Texas, many family courts have long divorce dockets. To deal with these growing dockets of pro se agreed divorces many family courts moved to scheduling a small number of uncontested divorces in each court every day. The backlog in both Dallas and Tarrant County is long enough that people wait six months to get in front of the judge. (If the judge cannot grant the divorce then you go to the back of the line.) This scheduling does not apply to attorneys. Divorce lawyers can take an uncontested divorce to your judge once the sixty day waiting period under the Texas Family Code expires.

Is uncontested divorce right for me?

Before deciding to hire cheap uncontested divorce lawyers in Dallas or Fort Worth you first need to decide whether an agreed divorce is right for you. The first question is whether you and your spouse can agree on the terms of the divorce. If there is no agreement then an uncontested divorce is impossible.

Uncontested divorce may not be the right option even if the parties can agree. There may be complex assets, debts, or custody issues that need more work than a simple agreement. Sometimes problems arise with the property or debts that can be very expensive to fix down the road. Custody can be more difficult. What works today or seems like it will work today may grow into big problems as the children grow older and the parents develop post-divorce lives. This is especially true with special needs children or families where the parents work unusual work schedules. Your attorney should discuss the issues and whether uncontested divorce makes sense for you. To start considering these issues, check other posts discussing these questions in detail:

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