Will suing my employer hurt my job in Texas?

Dallas employment attorney for discrimination, FMLA, overtimeThis is among the concerns I hear as a Texas employment attorney from people about employment law issues. It is a legitimate concern. There is a lot of public discussion over the negative impact taking legal action against an employer can have on your job, if you still work for the company you are challenging, and future jobs. In many ways taking legal action against your employer will have a negative impact on your future with that company. It puts promotions and raises on the line. When you leave the company people may be unwilling to provide a positive referral. You may become an outcast.

Future employers that might discover you stood up for yourself may decline to hire you for fear you will do the same to them. On the other hand, if you are in a position unlikely to receive a promotion, retired, or fired, there may be considerably less standing in between you and legal action.

Considerations before suing your employer in Texas

Employees leaving the company, either voluntarily or involuntarily, should take stock of the benefits they take from the company, such as health care/COBRA and retirement plans. This is especially true for retirees leaving the workforce entirely, as your livelihood likely depends on these benefits and the employer cannot deprive you of those benefits simply because you dispute how they are handled.

Overall these fears demonstrate the truth of our labor system. Employers hold 99% of the power over the workplace. Employees typically have little recourse to a bad employment situation. Choosing between legal action and quitting and hoping to find a better job is not a great choice. Even though the law makes retaliation an offense, it may be difficult to prove retaliation over a discretionary decision. There can be many “right” answers to how to deal with an employment dispute. Sometimes it can be better to decline to pursue legal options and focus on finding new employment. The dispute may be slight, such as a minor pay issue. Sometimes there is no other alternative. There may not be jobs available, you may enjoy your job, or your pay/benefits may be uniquely important to you. In those cases, legal action with an employment lawyer is necessary to protect your job.

What to do in Dallas and Fort Worth

The good news is that every employment dispute does NOT turn into a long, publicized lawsuit that destroys the employee’s livelihood and reputation. Often disputes can be resolved by negotiation with the employer or by a very basic administrative process. Protecting your job and your rights is not always a difficult path. However, sometimes it does require litigation. The best decision you can make if you believe your employment rights or your job is on the line is to contact an employment attorney who can review your situation and resolve it in the best manner possible. If you believe your rights have been violated then you should contact the Bedford, Texas law office to discuss your situation.

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