Cheap uncontested divorce lawyer in Texas

uncontested divorce lawyer Adam Kielich helps clients in Dallas and Fort WorthMost people searching for cheap uncontested divorces in Texas, including Dallas and Fort Worth, seek out flat fee divorce lawyers. Cheap uncontested divorce lawyers in Texas often run between $500-1000 on a flat fee basis. In the Dallas and Fort Worth area you may find uncontested divorce lawyers running as much as $2500. Attorney’s fees for contested divorces often run far higher and usually hourly rather than a flat fee. An important question for somebody searching for cheap uncontested divorce in Texas is what the divorce lawyer includes in the flat fee. A flat fee may include only document drafting. You may pay additional fees to speak with a lawyer, make revisions to documents, or have representation at a hearing on your divorce. These additional costs can turn a cheap uncontested divorce into a far more expensive affair.

Cost of uncontested divorce in Texas

When considering the costs of uncontested divorce, you must consider the attorney’s fees and court costs. In Tarrant County (Fort Worth) or Dallas County you will pay approximately $300 as a filing fee to the court. The fee is higher or lower depending upon whether you have kids in the uncontested divorce. If your spouse will not waive the service requirement then you will likely spend $60-80 on a process server. Typically in an uncontested divorce the parties will not accrue other court costs. Beyond the court costs are attorney’s fees. On a typical uncontested divorce without kids or real estate division you will likely spend $800-1000 all in. With kids or real estate involved you will likely pay $1000-1500 including all fees and costs.

If your uncontested divorce becomes contested then you will likely have additional fees to reach a different resolution. In this situation your divorce is a contested divorce like most divorces. You will likely pay a divorce lawyer on an hourly rate.

Is it worth hiring Texas uncontested divorce lawyers?

Generally it is worth the money to not deal with the frustration of the judicial system and have the peace of mind to know your divorce decree includes all the right terms for your property and kids. Some people DIY their divorce in Texas. Sometimes it works out, other times not so well. When it goes wrong you can expect to spend significant sums to fix it. You will likely spend far more than if you hired a divorce lawyer the first time around. Some people may want to take that risk. It’s understandable to want a cheap divorce and not spend money on a divorce lawyer. You should, however, make that decision with an awareness of its risks. You will have to pay the court costs unless you qualify as indigent with the courts in Fort Worth. It’s really a decision about paying attorney’s fees.

In addition to the risk of problems in the future, it is also worth your money to hire a divorce lawyer to review your divorce agreement before it becomes permanent. Many times people reach agreements that are not broken but create unnecessary problems down the road. These include bad custody schedules, low/no child support and bad division of debts. Sometimes these issues are not fixable or the effects of those terms cannot be fixed down the road. Creating a fair and beneficial divorce agreement may save you more money over time than what you spend on attorney’s fees.

Where to find cheap uncontested divorce lawyers in Texas

Uncontested divorce lawyers are not hard to find. A google search or search on a law firm directory site will turn up many uncontested divorce attorneys in Fort Worth, Dallas and other parts of Texas. It is a good idea to review the law firm websites to compare fees and what the fees entail. An attorney who does not specify services included in a flat fee may have added fees in their pricing model. If you expect the divorce lawyer to come to court with you then you likely want to hire a lawyer somewhere within your metro area.

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