If my spouse has a protective order against me but she invites me over can I go without getting arrested?

Bedford divorce attorney The Kielich Law FirmNo. In Texas, protective orders can issue from family courts in divorce suits and child custody actions (suits affecting the parent-child relationship or SAPCR). In these cases, protective orders are commonly issued to prevent somebody from visiting or even being within a certain distance from another person. Typically they will be issued if there are concerns about domestic violence. Although protective orders issue for other reasons, this is the primary reason Texas family courts will issue them. If you believe you have a family law situation in Texas that requires a protective order then you should contact a divorce lawyer right away.

Protective orders are criminally enforceable, so if you violate them and the police appear, they will arrest the violator. If a protective order issued against you, you must comply with it. Even if the person who obtained the order has invited you to come over, the police can still arrest you. Violating a protective order is serious business. Not only may you face criminal charges but the family court will not look kindly upon you.

Usually this question comes up when one spouse gets a protective order against the other spouse but invites the other spouse to come over to pick up mail, the children, property, or some other normal reason. The other spouse may come over several times without incident. Then one time things get out of hand and an argument breaks out. Next thing you know, the police appear and the other spouse goes to jail. That’s why there is absolutely no good reason to violate a protective order. Send a friend or family member.

Protective orders in a Texas divorce

On rare occasions the spouse with the protective order will invite the other spouse over with the intent of setting him or her up for an arrested. The unsuspecting other spouse shows up to a waiting police car and leaves in handcuffs. Family law cases can be dirty like that. Mostly this happens when the other spouse ignored the order and harassed the protected spouse in the past. Now he or she wants to protect herself or himself by tricking the other spouse into an arrest; but you never know how an angry negotiation over a bread maker will end.

Do yourself a favor and follow the protective order. If you find yourself in a family law situation then you should contacta  Fort Worth, Texas divorce lawyer. Family law attorneys help clients in Fort Worth, Texas with divorces, protective orders, QDROs and other family situations.

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