Ferrari and Lamborghini car wreck in Fort Worth, Texas

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This unbelievable car wreck occurred on I-30 just south of downtown Fort Worth at I-30 and Henderson. One Ferrari and one Lamborghini involved in the car wreck. No other cars appear involved in the damage. To the left you can see the two cars. The red Ferrari is seriously damaged on the left and the orange Lamborghini is on the right. The Lambo doesn’t appear damaged in that picture but that Ferrari is toast. From the picture, it is not clear whether the Lambo stopped to assist the Ferrari driver or if it was part of the wreck. Fortunately, it appears this did not occur during a high-traffic time, which could have made this Fort Worth car wreck far worse in terms of damage to vehicles and probable injuries to drivers and passengers.

Fort Worth, Texas car accident

I originally found reports of this Fort Worth car accident on a website that reports DFW emergencies although Google search results showed other websites sharing these pictures and discussing allegations of who owns the cars. People were reporting that these cars may be both owned by DFW Drive Your Dream, a company offering hourly rentals of high end vehicles for a few hundred dollars per hour. I believe they recently ran a Groupon for discounted hourly rentals. I have not seen anything verifying this company owns those vehicles or who the drivers were; but it is a possible explanation.

Here is a close up of the Ferrari.

personal injury lawyer for Fort Worth car wreck

That is just painful. From looking at that picture, it appears he may have clipped the retaining wall on the freeway or a ramp. It does not look like a collision with another vehicle but that is just a guess. I hope the driver had sufficient insurance. Maybe one of them hired a Texas car accident attorney.

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