Dangerous Vacation Destinations in Dallas and Fort Worth

Nobody likes to think about returning from vacation with more than a sunburn but injuries happen. When those injuries happen they can lead to expensive medical bills. If you have an injury from a vacation you should talk to a lawyer right away about any potential claims you may have. The resort or travel company may not be liable for your injuries but if they are then you have a right to recover against them. An attorney near you can review your situation in a consultation and assess whether possible claims exist. Many attorneys who handle these types of claims take them on a low cost consultation. If you have a serious injury or a large amount of medical bills then it is likely worth it to talk to a personal injury lawyer near you who can help with this type of claim.

Texas personal injury attorney on dangerous vacation destinations

Washington D.C.: D.C. is reported as the most dangerous place to drive in the country. With all those places to see and visit people often rent cars to reduce commute time. However, you might come home with more pain in your neck than a crick from looking at the Washington Monument. Instead, reduce the danger by ditching the car. D.C. has a public transportation system that will take you to all the major tourist destinations.

Yosemite National Park: The iconic wilderness destination is not particularly dangerous on its own but should you find yourself injured in the park, the American Trauma Society indicates it can take two hours to arrive at a trauma center for treatment. The American Trauma Society similarly lists the Grand Canyon, Maui and Martha’s Vineyard for the same reason.

Australia: Crocodile Dundee may have prepared for anything the Great Outback could offer but for tourists the Australian wilderness poses some serious risks. According to the University of Florida, Australia ranks the highest for deadly shark attacks. However sharks are not the only problem. Crocodiles sometimes appear in tourist areas along with box jellyfish, which hang out in popular tourist destinations. They are so poisonous they can kill a person with their venom before the person can reach the shore.

Mexico: I went to Cancun shortly after CNN called it the most dangerous place in Mexico. I felt safe. However there are a lot of places where security is questionable, such as Ciudad Juarez. Although tourists are often not the target of violence in Mexico, it’s advisable to chose your destination carefully.

Honduras: The State Department warns that this popular destination for eco-minded tourists has seen a significant amount of crime against tourists, including murder and kidnapping. According to the UN, it also has the highest murder rate in the world.

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