Can you sue if you are injured at beauty salon or spa in Texas?

FMLA employment attorney in Fort Worth and DallasMany people would not believe the frequency of injuries caused by beauty procedures and treatments at beauty salons and spas. Salons frequently use acids and other harsh chemicals on the scalp, face and other parts of the skin. Salons and spas are increasingly offering more aggressive treatments such as botox, dermabrasion, laser hair removal and other treatments involving dangerous chemicals and equipment. These new services are a far cry from the facial cream and cucumber slices.

They can easily lead to permanent disfigurement and pain. However, similar injuries can occur from standard beauty procedures. For example, improperly hair extensions can cause bald patches and hair bleach can cause permanent chemical burns on the scalp. People can also have serious allergic reactions to some of the chemicals or natural ingredients in these treatments.

Fort Worth and Dallas injury attorneys

While they may have licenses for some procedures, they may not have licenses or properly training to perform all procedures. Spas and salons are cited for violating health standards which often means treatments performed in less than desirable conditions. Injuries caused by salons and spas are on the rise for exactly these reasons.

If injured by a treatment at a salon or spa there is a  likelihood of disfigurement. Disfigurement can be damaging not only to your health and wellbeing but also to your job and your relationships. Courts definitely allow for recovery in cases of disfigurement because the impact on your life can be very severe and permanent. Seek a product liability attorney as soon as possible and make sure you receive appropriately compensation for the injury. Do not accept a settlement offer or believe that they cannot be responsible because you agreed to the treatment or signed some form until you have spoken with a lawyer.

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