Uncontested Divorce Help in Texas

Uncontested divorce is a low cost, less complex way to resolve a divorce in Texas. Uncontested divorce is a divorce in which the spouses have an agreement on the custody and property issues in their divorce. The result of an agreed divorce, is to end the marriage with an enforceable, clear decree. The decree should describe the agreement of the parties on custody, child support, division of property and debts and any other important issue in a way that is clear for the parties and allows them to enforce the terms of the decree in the future. Three benefits of an uncontested dissolution include:

  1. Lower cost;
  2. Less stress, frustration and time; and
  3. The parties create their own agreement so they own the terms of the decree.

Uncontested divorce process in Texas

The process in Texas is the same as the contested divorce process. Under Texas law, the Texas Family Code does not distinguish between the two. The difference is how the parties choose to handle their divorce and which legal procedures they choose to follow. An agreed divorce strips away several complicated, expensive procedures necessary in a contested divorce.

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Uncontested divorce, child custody and child support in Fort Worth and Dallas, Texas

Uncontested divorces often deal with custody and child support issues because any divorce with children under the age of eighteen must include orders awarding custody rights and possession as well as child support. The parties may agree on no child support payments in the divorce decree; but the divorce decree must still include language about child support and medical support.


Child support

Uncontested divorce and property issues in Texas

Even divorces with minimal property still needs clear language dividing the property between the spouses, including homes, cars and 401k accounts. The parties also must deal with any debts shared by the spouses or that relate to property awarded in the divorce.  Failing to draft clear and enforceable property division in the divorce decree can create tough problems down the road with property titles and payment of debts.

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Retirement plans and QDROs

Uncontested divorce problems in Tarrant County and Dallas County, Texas

Uncontested divorces are easier processes than contested divorces but that does not mean problems cannot arise. Maneuvering the family courts in Tarrant County and surrounding counties is not always easy. An uncontested divorce lawyer can help cut through the confusion and make the process as easy as possible.

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Family court resources in Texas

People seeking divorces in Texas must file their divorce with the district clerk in the appropriate district. Across north Texas the districts handle divorces differently. Some counties, like Tarrant County and Dallas County, have specific district courts for family issues. Other counties have their civil courts hear divorces along with all other civil lawsuits.

Hiring an uncontested divorce lawyer for Fort Worth and Dallas, Texas

Many divorce attorneys offer uncontested divorce services in Fort Worth and surrounding areas. Consider cost, expertise and communication style when hiring an attorney

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