EEOC hits Dunkin Donuts franchise for $330k in sexual harassment suit

Last week the EEOC settled  a Title VII sexual harassment and retaliation suit against multiple Dunkin Donuts franchises. The $330,000 settlement, which covers multiple employees, includes a multi-year training and oversight provision to avoid similar events in the future. The EEOC press release describes the events alleged in the lawsuit as follows:

Hillcrest Marshall violated federal law by subjecting female employees, some of whom were in their teens at the time, to sexual harassment by a store manager at one of its Dunkin’ Donuts locations. For example, EEOC said, the store manager talked about his genitals, tried to kiss a female worker who was 20 years old at the time, and pressured her to have sex. The manager hit her, cursed and yelled at her regularly due to being rejected by her. When she contacted the police, she was fired in retaliation for resisting his advances, EEOC said.

The petition filed in federal court alleges the level of management above the store manager also engaged in similar activities. When the employees complained to him about the store manager he disregarded the complaints with no investigation. Add to this what the EEOC depicts as a lackluster anti-discrimination policy. The result is a business built to allow sexual harassment, retaliation and other inappropriate and unlawful employment activities.

If you believe you are suffering unlawful sexual harassment at work then you should contact my office to discuss the situation. You do not have to suffer that behavior in the workplace.

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