East Loop 820 Wreck in Fort Worth involving truck carrying modular home

personal injury attorney bedfordWednesday on east loop 820 in Fort Worth, Texas near Lancaster Avenue, a highway car accident occurred in which a truck carrying part of a modular home crashed into the Lancaster Avenue bridge causing damage to the modular home and another vehicle on the Fort Worth freeway. A passenger in the other vehicle was airlifted to a local Fort Worth hospital. I’m not sure what caused the accident in Fort Worth but clearly the truck was too tall for the bridge. It is not clear whether the truck would have safely passed the bridge if it had been in the left lane. You can learn more about the auto accident in Fort Worth and see a picture of the truck here.

Anybody who has driven around these trucks carrying modular home components understands the dangers involved with these trucks. The home components are large and often requires the truck to take up multiple lanes at once. It is easy for trucks to cause wrecks due to size and inability to safely operate within a single lane. It isn’t always direct contact that poses the risk. The need for multiple lanes can cause vehicles to swerve away and strike a third vehicle. Assessing liability can often be difficult because the truck driver may not stop after causing an accident. That doesn’t mean you cannot recover for damage to your car and bodily injury. Liability may spread between the modular home truck driver and the other vehicle.

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